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Monday, September 23

9:00am EDT

(SOLD OUT) Python (not only) for testers (SOLD OUT)


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Based on 2018 data Python the fastest growing programming language in the world. It doesn’t matter if you look at number of contributors, stack-overflow threads or opened job positions – Python is always at the top. What’s very important, it’s also fastest growing language for test automation purposes.

I will teach you what he learnt during his professional (but not only!) career. He will pass you the knowledge of all good practices as well as all tips & tricks to build your delightful test automation environment.

During the workshop you will understand everything needed to start your Pythonic adventure from the scratch. You’ll see how to use PyCharm IDE in an easy and comfortable way, how to build and maintain development environments and handle packages and libraries. After that smooth start, you’ll be solving simple programming problems to learn Python basics, including functions, conditions, loops, classes, collections and exceptions.

After we pass that part, you’ll be involved in what the testers like the most: finding bugs by writing code! Balancing between REST API and Web testing you will discover your favorite part of automation. As a last step, you will have a chance to wear business hat and use human-friendly Gherkin syntax to write (and execute) automated test cases.

Just join and enjoy Python!

Key learnings:
– Learning how to set-up environment and navigate in PyCharm IDE
– Understanding Python project structure and dependencies
– Know-how about Python basics (functions, classes, methods, collections and exceptions)
– Writing and debugging tests using Python modules (py.test/unittest)
– Understanding value of good practices for API and UI testing

- Bring a laptop and power cable!
- PyCharm
- Python 3.7

avatar for Dawid Pacia

Dawid Pacia

Test Automation Manager, N/A
Who I am1/3 QA, 1/3 Python, 1/3 Lead. Tech freak following all the newest technologies (and implementing them on his own). Fan of the Agile approach to project management and products.What I doLeading and supporting the best and the happiest QA team! Actively speaking (and traveling... Read More →

Monday September 23, 2019 9:00am - 5:00pm EDT
Norfolk Room

9:00am EDT

Anchoring Quality in a Sea of Change

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Change. Everyone has to deal with it at some point. Many people don’t like it. What do you do when your VP comes in on a Tuesday morning and says “we’re going to do Agile, starting today” or “welcome to your new org structure”? What if your director gets let go, out of the blue? Or your entire team (leaving you on a quality island)? What if you are brought in to inflict help (change) on others? How do you maintain, or improve your products quality when the world around you seems to be spiraling out of control?

In this workshop, we will talk about change. We will talk about some of the changes we have encountered, how those changes have affected us, and what we did to make sure our products didn’t fall over in the middle of everything else going on around us. Through facilitated interactions, and exercises, we hope to show you some ways for handling change well (and some ways to NOT handle it well). Let’s work on handling change together, from Identifying the real issue in a situation to ways you can be a champion of quality through a changing organizational landscape.

Key Learnings:
Strategies for identifying what changes are happening in your organization and how it actually impacts you
Strategies for advocating concerns
Ways to be an agent of change

Bring your stories of change, and your willingness to learn from others
Laptop/Notebook for notes

Target Audience:
Anyone new to testing, new to organizational change, or anyone who wants to learn how others deal with change

avatar for Erik Davis

Erik Davis

IT QA Analyst Lead, Progressive Insurance
Erik is an accomplished tester and leader, with over 19 years of experience. He has been attending and speaking at conferences and meetups for over 7 years, sharing what he has learned, and helping to show testers how awesome they really are.
avatar for Bailey Hanna

Bailey Hanna

Software Test Specialist, Roadmunk
Bailey Hanna is a software test specialist at Roadmunk based out of Kitchener, Ontario. She has been an active member of testing the community for about 3 years, working to expand her knowledge through conferences, testing meet-ups, and reading. Her primary areas of passion and experience... Read More →

Monday September 23, 2019 9:00am - 5:00pm EDT
Yorkshire Room

9:00am EDT

Ensure Your Users Experience - A Trip Around User Validation Tools

NOTE: You will be added by the KWSQA to the workshop you chose during registration at https://targetingquality.ca

In today’s fast feedback world, getting our product in front of users often is incredibly important.  But how do we know our product is ready to go in front of our users.  Sure, we have 1,000’s of unit and integration tests on each of our microservices, but what happens when we put them all together.  Ensuring our expectations of how our product works when all of the pieces are together is the final piece of the puzzle to give us full confidence we are ready to release and ensure our users are having a consistent experience.

In this workshop, we will discuss the different methods we can use to give us the confidence in our product.  The main focus is on the different tools available to automate our validations.  We will spend time getting to know three open source tools, Selenium (and some of the solutions built to use with WebDriver like Protractor and Cucumber) , Cypress.io and TestCafe.  We’ll discuss best practices for each of the tools as well some ways that we can make our product more testable.  We will also look at how these tools can help share knowledge of our how our product works as well as our products codebase.  And while using these tools is a great way to know if we are ready to ship it off, we’ll look at some things you can do in production to ensure that you know of issues your customers are having prior to them even calling you.

The hope is after this workshop, you have the knowledge of all of the tools we discuss and the confidence to pick a path forward for you to build your organization’s confidence in your ability to release to production. Using one, some or all of these tools will open up a new world for areas of your product to worry about and give you more confidence that your users are having the experience they desire and you imagine them having.

Pre-requisite: Bring your laptop with the latest stable version of NPM.  Also have docker installed, selenium chrome node pulled down "docker pull selenium/standalone-chrome-debug" and vnc viewer installed https://www.realvnc.com/en/connect/download/viewer/.

avatar for Rick Clymer

Rick Clymer

Automation Engineer, Kalibrate
Rick is a test automation engineer at Kalibrate Technologies in Cleveland, Ohio.  He started his career in QA 6.5 years ago with just a hunch of where he would end up.  He has found a true passion in test automation and ensuring the product that his customers are using has as much... Read More →

Monday September 23, 2019 9:00am - 5:00pm EDT
Dorset Room

9:00am EDT

The Hidden Requirements: Exploring Emotions with Placebos

NOTE: You will be added by the KWSQA to the workshop you chose during registration at https://targetingquality.ca

The way we feel is important!

All that we think, do, or say is influenced, to some degree, by emotions. Many successful businesses and people recognize the importance of emotional considerations.

The way we feel is important and should be considered!

All software is intended to help solve some problem, and both problems and solutions evoke emotions. Software requirements are simply wants or needs, which often stem from core emotions. Research shows that emotions can affect the acceptance or rejection of software.

The way we feel about software is important and should be considered!

A placebo is designed and used primarily to evoke emotions. Things like sugar pills, false elevator door close buttons, and fake office thermostats aim “to please”, rather than have any other physical effects. Placebo requirements focus on emotions. And so, considering software through the lens of a placebo can help emphasize emotional considerations, and provide a valuable perspective on bugs, ethical design, and much more.

In this session, I support the claims above, suggest some methods to elicit and test emotional requirements, and finally, use placebos as a lens to view software design and testing. Using presentations, demonstrations, and interactive discussions and exercises, we collaboratively explore why “The way we feel about software is important and should be considered!”.

avatar for Damian Synadinos

Damian Synadinos

For more than 25 years, Damian Synadinos has been helping “build better software and build software better” through testing. Now, through his company Ineffable Solutions, Damian offers talks and training that are focused on fundamental topics and people-skills, based on real-world... Read More →

Monday September 23, 2019 9:00am - 5:00pm EDT
Essex Room
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